Obama Boulevard (formerly Rodeo Road)

The Marin Independent Journal today ran a story from the LA Times (April 23, 2019) with the headline “Residents cheer proposal for Obama Boulevard”. The name change is proposed for Rodeo Road.  A portion of the story reads, “The street, a 3 1/2 mile residential strip in a predominantly African-American community, is flanked on both sides by squat one- and two-story houses and gated communities.  the road is also home to Dorsey High School, Baldwin Hills Elementary School and Rancho Cienega Sports Center and Park–where Obama held a campaign rally when he was running for president.”

Just wondered if any of you had read this news, too.

I wonder if it will come about………………….Cheers,  Diana

When I was a kid there were no houses between my house and the train tracks to the north and from West Blvd to Dorsey to the west.  After the war, hundreds of one-story houses were built to make way for soldiers coming home.  Not sure that people then or now would like their homes referred to as squat one- and two-story houses.  Any two-story houses would have been additions—I don’t remember any two-story houses at the time.

Coliseum Street School, West Los Angeles

I visited Dorsey in 2002 at the time of its 50th anniversary and I drove by our houses and Coliseum Street School.  Note bars on windows.  However, Dorsey really looked good.  

Dorsey High School, West Los Angeles

MLK Blvd and now Obama Blvd.  Cool for the neighborhood and its people.  Why not?

I tried to find the provenance of the Rodeo Road naming-maybe there were rodeos at the Coliseum or?

As for other presidents, I understand that since Washington had slaves, streets named after him will be renamed too.  Things change.

Fritz (Diana and I graduated from Susan Miller Dorsey High School in February, 1957)

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