US Postal Service Statistics

  • 474 million pieces of mail handled every day.
  • 2.4 million pieces of mail are lost (0.51 percent according to quora).
  • 20 million mail-in ballots might be handled each day as a maximum (4% increase)
  • 100,000 mail-in ballots might be lost a day
  • 5-7 days for mail to be delivered
  • 10-14 days round trip
  • 1 day to fill out mail-in ballot
  • You must receive your ballot no later than October 31 (Saturday-Happy Halloween)
  • You must mail your ballot on or before November 3 
  • The ballot must be postmarked on or before November 3
  • Not all mail gets postmarked

It will not be the postal services’ fault if you don’t mail you ballot in on time. Well, except for the ballots lost-think how many steps it must go through to get to its final destination.  

Safe handling of your ballot (assuming you get it timely):

Even though every registered voter in California will be mailed a vote-by-mail ballot, you ABSOLUTELY CAN vote IN PERSON in November*. (minor exceptions)

EIPCa ENCOURAGES you to do so if you feel safe to do so.

The voting process may be very different for you this November due to what accommodations your county has determined appropriate to deal with COVID restrictions.

Counties have their choice of 4 different plans. CLICK HERE to learn what your county is doing to facilitate in-person voting.


  • CHECK your registration at your county registrar’s website AND at  Report problems to EIPCa.
  • SIGN UP to track your ballot at WheresMyBallot   This will prevent you from having your ballot used by someone else.
  • READ, PRINT and SHARE the document linked HERE for valuable information and advice for protecting your vote and election integrity in general.
  • SHARE this and all EIPCa communications with EVERYONE you can.
  • ENCOURAGE voting, IN PERSON if possible. Friends don’t let friends give up!  VOTE!

Download pdf of this article.

My experience in “lost” mail is about 1 in 1500 or .07 % –even at that rate nearly 14,000 ballots would be lost.

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