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Ted Proffitt’s

Missional and Messianic

Bible Commentary Series

This series is in three volumes. Vol. 1, Old Testament, Vol. II Gospels and Acts, Vol. III Epistles, NT Appendices, and Bibliography.

“This mission Commentary brings together, and digs widely and deeply, into what the Bible says about mission.  The Scriptures address many issues that missionaries face—more than I ever realized.  References to mission work appear in almost every biblical book.  Ted brings them out through his experiences overseas and extensive research.” Marcia Sayre, retired Interserve Missionary (Middle East 34 plus years).

“Proffitt draws upon his experience as a Bible scholar and missionary in this unique commentary utilizing major traditional texts as well as Dead Sea Scrolls and rabbinic sources.  Special attention is given to Messianic terminology and themes, such as ‘the BRANCH’ and ‘the WORD’, among many specific fulfillments of prophecy in Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth.
          Dr. Judith Mendelsohn Rood, Emeritus Professor of History, Biola University

T. D. Proffitt, III, Ph.D., Latin American history (UCLA); M.Div., mission emphasis (Fuller Theological Seminary); M.A., Near and Middle East History (Cal-State University, Fullerton), is author of “Protestant Church Growth in Twentieth-century Central America and the Caribbean,” Statistical Abstract of Latin America, Vol. 22, UCLA Latin America Center, and “Donald Anderson McGavran,” Encyclopedia of Christian Civilizations. His award-winning Tijuana: The History of a Mexican Metropolis, SDSU Press, has two chapters on church and mission and is suitable for STM. His journal articles on the Bible and the ANE have been published in Europe, Asia and the U.S. He is a former missionary in Asia, South America, and the United States.  

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