You get further with love….

My message to them is you are defeating … the protesters’ cause. It’s just hatefulness. I don’t understand where that hate comes in somebody’s heart that they want to destroy people’s businesses,” he said. “In my personal opinion, you’re going to get further with love than this.

A Kenosha, Wis., business owner whose furniture store was burned to the ground in the riots following the shooting of Jacob Blake, is vowing to rebuild. Scott Carpenter, the manager at B & L Office Furniture, stated his family started the business more than 40 years ago. Click HERE for article.

 I’m not going to let this defeat us. We need to push forward. If we show that this defeated us, the people who did this, they won.

You get more flies with “honey” than with vinegar.

Instead of rioting and looting and burning, why not use your energy within the system-the American system that, with all its faults, represents all people.

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