The Truth in its proper use

We want truth in journalism.

Thank you Almar Latour, Publisher of the Wall Street Journal, for standing up to pressures by the chaotic agendas of the media and even from within (employees demanding agenda based changes).   The Wall Street Journal is one of a few news media that maintains journalistic “code of ethics.”

In the Report to our Readers (click HERE for full letter in the WSJ August 11, 2020) he writes:

Agenda-driven reporting on the news is on the rise; news and opinion are increasingly blended; and, not surprisingly, trust in the media has reached a new low. Gallup and the Knight Foundation recently found that the majority of Americans believe inaccuracies in the news are due to reporters either misrepresenting or making up facts. Against this trend, the Journal’s news coverage stands as a beacon with its uniquely detached, researched, factual reporting. It remains the most trusted national newspaper in the U.S., according to a recent survey by the Reuters Institute.

Let me offer you some of our bedrock values that are worth repeating: An old motto for The Wall Street Journal was “The Truth in its proper use”—a phrase that still applies today and sums up why we exist. We aim to be the source of truth for our readers around the world, in business, finance and life. Truth—facts—are necessary things whether you’re launching a rocket into space, choosing a stock, or writing a law. Trust is a precious thing, and everyone at the Journal gets up every day knowing that we have to earn it, aware of how easily it can be lost. 

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