Doxxed? Canceled? Free Speech?

“Calls for economic boycotts are clearly speech, not the suppression of speech. Consumers have long tied politics to purchasing, and advocating business boycotts is undoubtedly protected speech,” Timothy Zick, a professor of government and citizenship at the College of William and Mary Law School, told me. “Mr. Unanue runs a large corporation, so it rings hollow to suggest that individual consumers are in any way suppressing his speech.”  Vox, July 12, 2020

So Mr. Unanue was not doxxed or canceled.

The Vox article continues: “Unanue remains free to express his political opinions. He took advantage of this freedom at the White House, and again on Fox News. What he’s witnessing with a boycott is not an agenda to prevent him from speaking his mind, but a rejection among a vocal set of fellow citizens of the ideas and endorsements he’s chosen to align himself with.”

However, it sure is dangerous to have an opinion or speak your mind.

“Many other corporate leaders, facing such boycott threats, would by now have issued three or four equivocal apologies and thus emboldened the mob to demand more groveling. Not Mr. Unanue. “I’m not apologizing,” he said on Friday. And why should he? “ WSJ, July 13, 2020

Well, at least someone thinks Bob was right.

Stand up America. We as individuals, as a community, as a nation are not perfect but we can strive to be better. 

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