Mekhi James

Mekhi James, a name to a death.  I can understand that, I can feel emotions, concern, grieve for this 3-year-old killed by an errant bullet.  He was riding in a car driven by his father in the 600 block of North Central Avenue, last Saturday.  One of 104 persons shot, 14 killed in the city of Chicago last weekend, the weekend of the summer solstice.  (Chicago, city of shame and violence, where 3-year-old, 13-year-old are unintended targets, Chicago Tribune, June 21, 2020)

104 is just a number as I skim the news.  

Mekhi is real.  I can relate. 

Floyd a name to a death is real. I am devastated by his death. Our people are grieving, our country is reeling and we have no idea where this is going. 

Someone needs to lead us out of this valley of death.  Obviously the old guard won’t, they haven’t so far.  Grinding away at us with much gnashing of teeth, chewing us up, spitting us out.  The future dubious at best.

And God?  

He meant this to be paradise.  He loves us.  We aren’t very good stewards of His creation are we?  We haven’t figured out what life means.  He wants us to be humble and what do we do? We primp. He wants us to be giving and forgiving and what do we do?  We hoard. He wants us to love and what do we do?  We hate.

Pray for His guidance. Pray that we repent.  

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