DoMF 2020

Fullerton Flashers dance to “We Will Rock You” at the Fullerton Downtown Plaza to celebrate the virtual Day of Music Fullerton.  Fullerton Flashers FaceBook

In the past, Day of Music Fullerton was a unique festival of free concerts and activities in over 40 venues throughout the city of Fullerton, California, on June 21st, during the Summer Solstice. DoMF takes place simultaneously with similar festivities, currently in more than 1,000 cities globally in alliance with the internationally renowned Make Music Day— the music festival heard around the world.

DoMF is open to anyone who wants to take part. Musicians of all ages, creeds, and musical persuasions – from hip hop to opera, Latin jazz to punk rock – perform in parks, parking lots, streets, restaurants, bars, retail shops, houses of worship, and more. From high school bands to marquee names, DoMF is performed by anyone, enjoyed by everyone.

Our Fullerton Flashers participated by dancing in the streets of Fullerton: at the plaza, at various outdoor restaurants along Commonwealth and in SoCo back streets.  This year we are virtual click HERE

During this coronavirus pandemic, social distancing the Day of Music Fullerton will be celebrated virtually on FaceBookand on the Day of Music Fullerton website

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