Coronavirus Statistics

Coronavirus statistics on Worldometer are similar to those compiled by John Hopkins University.  As we approach the 100,000 death mark in the United States and 350,000 deaths in the world due to coronavirus, we need to look at world population and health statistics for perspective.  We abhor deaths caused coronavirus as we should abhor death caused by other health perils.  

Look at what is going on worldwide year-to-date (May 24, 2020) according to Worldometer health statistics.

  • Total Population: 7.8 Billion people
  • Total deaths year to date: 23 plus million
  • Net population growth: 32 plus million
  • Coronavirus cases: 5.5 million plus
  • Coronavirus contributed deaths: 350,000
  • Deaths due to:
    • Seasonal flu: 194,000
    • HIV/Aids: 670,000
    • Cancer: 3.3 million
    • Cigarette smoking: 2 million
    • Alcohol: 1 million
    • Malaria: 390,000
    • Suicides: 423,000
    • Road traffic accident fatalities: 540,000
    • Hunger: 4.45 million
    • Water related disease: 336,000
    • Drug addiction: not listed 

(Included in the Worldometer health statistics is abortions at nearly 17 million apparently not included in the total deaths for year-to-date).

Coronavirus is right up there with many perils to your health.  

Take precautions: yes wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, avoid close contact, be alert for symptoms, don’t go out if you have an illness—this all makes sense. 

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