Pathways of Hope

The little guy is falling off the edge into eternity.  He needs to get back to work—got to eat, need a place to sleep, need some heat, need someone to meet.  

Coronavirus is bringing him to the edge and if ever he needs your help it is now.  Pathways of Hope provides food and shelter and counseling for families and individuals on the edge of society.

You canhelp: 

All donations will be DOUBLED dollar-for-dollar on Giving Day, April 22nd – but ONLY for 24 hours.

click HERE to donate on April 22nd.

Pathways of Hope programs in North Orange County:

  • Homelessness Prevention for families and individuals
  • Food Program for families and individuals
  • New Vista shelter for homeless families
  • Via Esperanza shelter for homeless families
  • Warren’s House shelter for individuals
  • Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals
  • Affordable Housing for families
  • Rapid Rehousing for families and individuals
  • Counseling and comfort

The first two are the most critically needed in our community at this time due to the impacts of COVID-19.

OC Register Point in Time Count, 2019

Those millions on the edge of society living hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck. They will be the ones who will suffer the most and at some point, within days or weeks, will fall off that edge into eternity.  Imagine that you are responsible for determining who gets what, who will go back to work, who gets fed and who will be left on the cold concrete curb on a deserted street.

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