Who is most important?

Michigan Governor Whitman declared self-distancing rules to include stay-at-home orders that residents may not travel between residences (between city and summer homes) and that big-box stores may not sell “non-essential” items (including vegetable seeds).

Florida Governor DeSantis ordered travelers from New York, New Jersey and Louisiana to stop at the border and requires them to be self-quarantined.

President Trump stopped flights from China and Euorpe.

Now Propublica (April 2) is decrying the closing of our border with Mexico thus preventing asylum seekers access to the US. citing Title 8 immigration law that we must accept asylum seekers even as the CDC Title 42 quarantine powers are to protect our citizens.   The Mission of Propublica: To expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions, using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing.  Who is most important—the health and safety of our citizens or…?

Dr. Fauci, March 20: Our shutting off travel from China, and more recently travel from Europe, has gone a long way to not seeding very, very intensively the virus in our country.”

The Federalist, April 2: The dangers of air travel were underscored this week with news that 28 University of Texas students who traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for spring break have tested positive for coronavirus. They were with a group of 70 spring-breakers who flew to Mexico from Austin, Texas, about a week-and-a-half ago. (Mexico now blocking US tourists)

The New York Times, April  8: New research indicates that the coronavirus began to circulate in the New York area by mid-February, weeks before the first confirmed case, and that it was brought to the region mainly by travelers from Europe, not Asia. (Trump shut down Europe March 11, China January 31).

There are 320 plus million citizens in the United States with only a couple million tested for coronavirus so far.  Shouldn’t we get our house in order and back to work before allowing people from other countries to come in untested?

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