If they don’t go to work in the morning…

If they don’t go to work in the morning many will have nothing to eat.  

Walter Mead’s op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal warns us that Latin and South America are little prepared for the ravages of coronavirus.  The hungry will look to North America for solace.  He directs Washington policy makers to remember that the United States must stand with its neighbors.  

Unfortunately his argument that many will have nothing to eat occurs right here in our United States. According to United Way, over 12% of our citizens are hungry-all the time.  In my earlier post I envisioned two scenarios.

First, imagine a New York hospital triage where someone must determine who to aid and who to leave on a cold stainless-steel gurney in a crowded corridor.  Yes, social-distancing and shutting down America may be reducing the effects of coronavirus. The moral question of how much a life is worth presents an overwhelmingly difficult choice.

Second, imagine that you are responsible for determining who gets what, who will go back to work, who gets fed and who will be left on the cold concrete curb on a deserted street.  Those millions on the edge of society living hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck with no work—…with nothing to eat…. They will be the ones who will suffer the most and at some point, within days or weeks, will fall off that edge into eternity.  

The Big C curve will flatten and sag and we need to get back to work.  The government is not big enough to save us all-just get us back to work before the hungry….

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