The Moral Compass

Preteens will enjoy the “Adventures of Constantino Pineapolis” written by Ann Casas and Illustrated by Aida Shabani, now available on Amazon click HERE.

     Once upon a time…lived a little boy named Constantino Pineapolis. He was nine, almost ten, when this unique chronicle of his life began. The adventures he shares with his friends and family teach him lessons about life, such as when he spent too much time bidding for Pokémon cards on the internet… or when he was riding too fast in a flashy red car and almost…. He discovers that the choices he makes, right or wrong, determine what happens to him.

     Ann Casas, a former educator, writes stories, poems and short novels. A member of IECWC, she has been published on and Barnes and writings are a product of her personal journey and she enjoys sharing what she has encountered and learned.

     She lives in Southern California with her husband Steve, son Zachary, dog Lance and cat Shelby. She also loves to travel.

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