Oops I misspoke!

Bloomberg is woken and out!

Monday I was expounding on the fact that Bloomberg might be the best Democrat candidate because he is a capitalist and was a successful mayor of the largest city in the US—New York City.  My lunch buddies listened agape as I explained that he is “woke” now during the competition with several other candidates who lean left and left of left.  However, once he is nominated to run in the 2020 presidential election he will recant and “un-woke” back to who he really is.  He then becomes competition in November.  

(I had to define “woke” – aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues, especially issues of racial and social justice – for my buddies and found it listed first the Merriam Webster dictionary.  Wow!  I thought woke as the past tense of wake would be defined first).


As I was expounding, a slew of potential candidates dropped out, turning their support to Biden.  By Tuesday night we had two contenders, Bernie and Biden.  Poor Bloomberg had woken and was out!  (Warren, as of Thursday dropped out and Tulsi Gabbard is a long run and has only 2 delegates after Super Tuesday.  Maybe she is waiting for the dust to settle or wants to become a thorn in the side of the eventual candidate – B or B).

How could Bloomberg spoil my theory?  

The media is abuzz.

Do they (Democrat Voters) want to put forward a progressive who promises radical change or a moderate who would move more incrementally?  This is…a BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE PARTY…pick a path forward and move on to the enormous showdown ahead in November…either the United States will return to normalcy after four nightmarish years, or we will drive ourselves deeper into chaos, irresponsibility and isolation. Trump’s election in 2016 was a colossal mistake, but if he were to be reelected, it would be an unmitigated catastrophe. He must be defeated at the ballot box on Nov. 3 — because four more years of climate denial, race-baiting, dishonesty, divisiveness, rising income inequality and imprudent, injudicious, illegal governance could leave our country irremediably damaged. Democrats cannot afford to lose sight of that reality.

Los Angeles Times Editorial, Thursday, March 5, 2020


So much for big apples.

(now there are two worm holes in the apple above)

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