“It’s ridiculous!”

“I can’t think of a way that would make it easier for Donald Trump to get re-elected than listening to this conversation.  It’s ridiculous!  We’re not going to throw out capitalism,” Bloomberg’s response to the democrat candidates’ circular firing ring with “arrows flying in every direction” at the debate in Las Vegas. 

Contrary to current media cacophony and elitist gnashing of teeth, Bloomberg won our vote! He believes in Capitalism (with a capital “C”) by blowing off the overwhelming socialist fury at the event.  That is socialist with a small “s” because socialism Sucks (with capital “S”).  Name a socialist country that hasn’t gone down (or going down) in history.  No, Sweden and Denmark are not socialist countries—they believe in capitalism (there are 7 multi-billionaires in Denmark and dozens in Sweden).

Yes, Mike got the “woke” message and has apologized for his past.  But isn’t the past his strength?  Run as an entrepreneur who “mayored” the largest city in the US, making it safer and more prosperous.  Yes, there are opinions on his accomplishments on both sides of the core.

Maybe, just maybe the mayor will recant his “wokeness” if he isn’t mortally pierced by a liberal arrow or two.  Then he can espouse a moderate or centrist theme for the Democrat Party.  

Scary that he could buy the office.  So far he has spent $4 to $5 for every potential vote and he has threatened up to $20 or $30 or more per vote?  Forty dollars won’t buy my vote but there are a lot of low-information people out there.  With two and three TV ads every hour on every channel he is branding himself as famous as Coca-Cola and on his way to beat Apple (wow, he was mayor of the “Big Apple”).

Hmm, go back to the photo at the top of this blog–the apple is hanging on the tree, unpicked, with a small worm hole in the upper right hand corner–could it be…?

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