God’s Amazing Works

The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary near Hobart, Tasmania saves rescued animals indigenous to Australia.  Like kangaroos.

Here’s Cindy coaxing a kangaroo to stand up so we could have a better view of its baby. She learned to stroke its neck to make friends.  If you pet its head it thinks you want her to go away.

The Tasmania Devil is the icon for the sanctuary but is nocturnal.  This one is devilishly looking straight at us.

What is Australia without Koala bears? Also nocturnal, it was sleeping on a backpack. oops, Cindy says this is a wombat — ok–my bad.

Lots of animals and birds at the sanctuary and you will have to join us some day for a complete tour.

Then off to Mt. Field Park to see the world’s tallest hardwood tree, a eucalyptus standing nearly 200 feet high.  This tropical “rain forest” park held magical views of God’s ever amazing works.

License plate on Tasmanian car.

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