Our First Date

So I tried dating! 

First I had to invent an event worthy of asking her out

I had to steel my nerves and make the call  

She said yes!


then I had to make the date memorable

            I bought a new sports coat and slacks

the right shirt is in the closet.  Is it clean?

            I washed my Mustang

put on its black bra

            I checked the drive time from her place

                        A hint from my father-in-law

I got a hair cut, trimmed my beard

Then she asks what she should wear!

            For me slacks, shirt, sport coat.

            For her, my God; 

is it casual, sporty, kind of dressy, dressy, 

cold, warm, 

shoes, boots, silver slippers?

Success!—a great party!

We followed up with more events 

I hustled 

I planned 

I schemed                                                                   

Dating is work!

I’m out of touch

My God, it’s been 50 years 

So yesterday

just before I got into my Mustang 

she calls me off

Dating Sucks!

I got even

I married her!

That date?

It was December 2007

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