So are we racist?

We have been persistently chastised by the media and the left asserting that white conservatives are racist and declaring us guilty of all sorts of other “sins.”  I ask you to review this recent article by Jackie Gingrich Cushman, “…stop ranting, America, and start listening.”

“There was a time when we identified as Americans first, even if we also identified with other subgroups. There has always been something different about America. This difference provided people with a sense of pride and belonging. We understood that we all could participate in realizing the founders’ dream of America. 

Our nation is exceptional. Our nation is worth saving. This country has always been unique; we were founded as a republic, with a set of ideals that we sometimes fail to live up to. But every generation has made progress toward reaching that ideal. We have had periods of time when we have moved forward in giant leaps; other periods have resulted in setback. But over our history we have become a better place, a better country, working to ensure that all citizens have an opportunity to fully live out the American dream. Right now, some feel like it’s one of those setback periods, with neighbor turning against neighbor.

But America — and Americans – are better than the setbacks we encounter. America holds out the same promise to everyone – if we work together, shoulder to shoulder, despite and because of our differences, we can accomplish anything. We have fought many wars as a country, but right now, we are engaged in a battle for our soul. This isn’t a battle we can win with weapons; on the contrary, I want everyone to lay down their weapons. This is a battle we fight by listening to the quiet voices of reason within each of us. So, stop ranting, America, and start listening.”

Jackie Gingrich Cushman is the author of “Our Broken America: Why Both Sides Need to Stop Ranting and Start Listening

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