Today, Proud American

Day One

The worm burrows deeply into bowels of knowledge a cancer multiplying and spreading into the network and germs infecting everything they touch. Corrosion  Corruption Destruction 

Day Two                                                                   

Attachments are deleted save the validation of a few standing guard at the entrance warding off each new virus. Save Open Appears an eagle with a tear.

Day Three

Candle light ceremony in Memorial Grove seven trees for seven shattered dreams how large a forest must we plant tomorrow? A tear

Day Four

Hundreds of flag pins given out to thank yous five nos, I remember each face and I wonder why. A tear

Day Five

A moment of silence and then a hundred square dancers proudly pledge allegiance to our flag as we have done for these many years.  A tear

Day Six

A teacher tells her class she doesn’t wear a flag she loves her country she says,but patriots become zealots. A tear

Day Seven

News anchorpersons can wear a ribbon yellow, red, black, white, green but a flag is not politically correct. A tear


I respect the rights of all persons I love my country I will proudly display our flag.

The eagle sheds a tear for September 11th. I will never forget.

 Fritz von Coelln September 26, 2001

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