Open Letter to Meg McWade

Ms. Meg McWade, Public Works Director City of Fullerton

Re: Water Rate Study, Dear Ms. McWade,

Please provide me with the postal address of every Fullerton single family residence, sorted by meter size, that uses less than 11,000 gallons per month. 

The purpose of my request is to send them a letter requesting them to protest the new rate increase.  

Those residents who conserve water are being penalized by the fixed meter rate increase.  In addition, the lower water usage rates encourage water usage, antithetical to the need to conserve water in the State of California.  Approved by the City Council, those residents conserving water may pay as high as $35 per thousand gallons of water while those residents using excessive quantities of water may pay as low as $8 per thousand gallons.  (Based upon real bills – fixed meter rate cost plus usage rate cost per 1000 gallons)

The Water Rate Study page ES-2 reads: (namely Proposition 218)…rates being charged for utility service are proportionate to the cost of providing the utility services.  Page 5 reads: …while minimizing the financial impact to rate payers…. Page 19 reads: …in order to be equitable among the Water Enterprise’s rate payers…. Page 37 reads: …continue to equitably and proportionately recover costs from the customers.  

Be assured, I agree that funding the department and infrastructure replacement are necessary, however the Water Rate Study recommend rate structure is grossly inequitable.  The Proposition 218 notice that you will be mailing insufficiently notifies residents of this issue.

I look for an immediate response to this request.

Thank you,

Fritz von Coelln

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