Cost of Water per 1000 Gallons

Comparison of 2018 Average Bill vs. 2023 Average Bill after Increases For Five Fullerton Residents

The increases approved by the City Council penalize residents conserving water and encourage increased water use.  In 2023 the resident using 199,000 gallons per year will pay only $7.92 per 1000 gallons while the resident using 23,800 gallons per year pays nearly 4 ½ times as much. There is a disparity in 2018 that is exacerbated by 2023.  (Based upon real bills-fixed meter rate plus usage rate per 1000 gallons).

Cost of Water per 1000 Gallons

Column1NumberMeter  water usage2018 average2023 average
ResidentPersonsSize1000 gallonswater costwater cost
P21″199 $4.64  $7.92 
R25/8″57 $6.13  $10.93 
F3.51″88.5 $5.36  $11.03 
G21″23.8 $12.25  $34.81 
J15/8″14 $15.46  $34.91 

The Water Rate Study page ES-2 reads: (namely Proposition 218)…rates being charged for utility service are proportionate to the cost of providing the utility services.  Page 5 reads: …while minimizing the financial impact to rate payers…. Page 19 reads: …in order to be equitable among the Water Enterprise’s rate payers…. Page 37 reads: …continue to equitably and proportionately recover costs from the customers. 

2 thoughts on “Cost of Water per 1000 Gallons

  1. Well, this is a nice little increase. And I can see J is me.

    Brother…no one will have higher costs than our community. Bad enough that we have one of the highest HOA fees in the county, or so I’ve heard. Probably not true, but geeez.




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