Pipeline Breaks May Be Health ISSUE

Toxic contaminates may enter our water system every time a pipeline breaks and Fullerton has a pipeline break every three to four days.  Every neighborhood within our city is affected; every resident is subject to a potential health issue.  

Fullerton’s pipeline break rate exceeds all other cities in Orange County.  Is this an emergency?  Should there be a priority on pipeline replacement?  Not according to the Water Rate Study being presented to our City Council this Tuesday, April 2nd.  Even though pipeline breaks was discussed as “an emergency” in a recent Ad Hoc Committee meeting, the study provides only minor infrastructure replacement for the next five years.

The city must be proactive in replacing our infrastructure.  Separate from funding the city’s water department, a bond should be employed to fund near-term replacement based upon a prioritization of leak potential and severity.

Water main breaks result in more than dirt and discoloration in your tap water. Your water may contain dangerous contamination even if it looks clear. Some problems found in water following water main breaks include microbial contaminants, pathogens capable of causing disease outbreaks and gastroenteritis disorders, unsafe chemicals and E coli, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  According to the article: Why Shouldn’t You Drink the Water Following a Water Main Break?

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