Out of West Virginia

Gayle Wheatley is participating in our book signing at the OLLI Authors’ Day, March 7th  from 11:00 AM to 1:30  PM.  Location: California State University, Fullerton, Pollak Library.  For more information click HERE.

A humorous tale of one girl growing up and out of West Virginia, her education, stuttering, marriage, family, professional life and travels, plus growing into senior-hood, finding her writing gene and publishing.

Out of West Virginia by Gayle Wheatley available on Amazon

Current Reviews:

Just finished your book last nite…Loved it!    I really, really liked it!  Each chapter had an interesting theme. Lenore T.

I just completed your memoir.  I loved it!  You have a distinctive voice which shows your personality clearly. Your humor is delightful.   Linda M.

Your book was delightful.  Charming. It made me laugh. Especially your sense of humor surrounding the Spanx. Keep writing.    Janet F.

I laughed and wished I could have been in Paris with you. Actually, I felt I was there with you, the sign of good writing.     Linda M.

Grandma, this was SO good!  I loved reading every page of it.  I laughed hard and feel like I learned so much.Thank you for writing these wonderful memories and musings down!  Megan L.

A great read, Gayle, and a family treasure.  I’m proud to be your friend.    Linda M.

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