Charlie’s Challenge

Fritz von Coelln is participating in our book signing at the OLLI Authors’ Day, March 7th  from 11:00 AM to 1:30  PM.  Location: California State University, Fullerton, Pollak Library.  For more information click HERE.

“Charlie’s Challenge” A Polar Bear came into our camp the night that we arrived. He was pacing along the coastline of Hudson Bay, waiting for the water to freeze so he could go out and hunt seals for dinner. He was hungry after a long summer of catnaps and roaming the forests. We named him “Francis” and he stayed for several days taking catnaps, walking around our trailers and sniffing the smells of bacon and eggs, hamburgers and… humans. Late one afternoon a second bear   arrived and here is their story as told by Francis (if he could talk).

Fritz von Coelln  and his wife, Cindy, enjoy nature’s wonders, traveling to the Arctic, Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, Grand Canyon and other adventurous places.  Now retired, Fritz authored another children’s book, “Rollie Pollie Rap.”  His poetry has appeared in several anthologies by his Poetry for Pleasure class. He is a member of OLLI, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, at California State University, Fullerton.

He is coordinator of the “Publish Before You Perish” class at OLLI.  Seniors from all walks of life have stories to tell, novels and poetry hiding in their computer, tall tales and short articles.  The class enables them to be published!  Many of the authors participating in the Fullerton Public Library event on October 27 are “graduates” of the class.

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