An Inward Smile

An Inward Smile by  Lorna Densmore Funk

Lorna’s poems are featured in her chapbook originally printed shortly before her death in March of 2009.  The log cabin on the cover was thematic to her beginnings.  She was born in a log cabin and you hear the wonder of her beginnings and her respect for nature in her poems.

  Unpaid Testimonial

  Writing Poetry’s like taking endorphin;

  It gives you an inward smile.

  It doesn’t do much for insomnia

  But it brings you composure for a while.

Reprinted in 2018, her chapbook will be shared with the Poetry for Pleasure class on January 25th.  It is time to look back at our talented poet, get to know her and spread her rhymes.  The cover has evolved to a spray of amaryllis. An Inward Smile is now available at  

  Shakespeare by Lantern Light

  We learned from early childhood

  The power of words to arouse.

  Our mother talked to her flowers.

  Our father spoke to his cows.

  We lived in Koochiching County

Where winters were long and hard.

  He often inspired his milking cows

  With scenes he had learned from the Bard.

  Pitch-forking hay he tossed them lines,

  And then on his three-legged stool

  He urged from cold cows a steaming stream,

  That cabin-crazy fool.

  He orated “Friends, Romans, Countrymen”

  Or “What a rogue am I.”

  He squeezed “The quality of mercy”

  And milked his audience dry.

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