Mr. D. Truant Officer

Carmine Casucci is participating in our book signing at the Fullerton Public Library Authors’ Day, October 27th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Location: 353 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832.  For more information click HERE.

“Felix Wises Up” Can a young American teacher of Mexican descent find out who shot his cousin and why?

What danger is there behind the straight forward questions he must ask about his involvement in the drug trade?

Is his family a help or is his alcoholic, bi-polar, OCD mother part of the problem? When he attends Adult Children of Alcoholics [ACA] meetings will he accept the resultant revelations?

What are the discoveries he will make about himself, his family, and his work? If he accepts the new ideas will this surprising information affect him hopefully for the better?

Carmine A. Casucci

After teaching thirty years in Junior High Metal Shops, all of them in Title One schools, I retired, joined the Peace Corps and discovered teaching which I took to with relish and love.  An itch I’ve had to express my thoughts and perceived truths about the education of minority students has fortunately been scratched with this novel. For understanding the middle class students the Jamaican teachers were excellent role models for me to emulate.


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