Taking Stock Three Years Later  

Since you’ve been gone I’ve tended to
A list of things long overdue:

New windows, draft free, metal framed,
I’ve draped to match the painted walls
(How you grumbled at the glass
The corner cutters had installed.)
Soft rugs now cushion underfoot
The bathroom’s got a fresh new floor
(The drabness and the loosened tiles
Will bother me no more.)

You’d like the reupholstered couch –
Inviting warm persimmon red
(Gone the dreary faded brown
Dark stained from your head.)

Your splendid pictures, framed at last
Parade across the wall.
Each one a lovely day long gone
Poignant to recall.

No more the bed that knew our nights –
And your reclining chair –
So much has changed since you’ve been gone
Yet I still feel you here.

See Edith reading “Taking Stock Three Years Later” click HERE

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