End of Gunfightin’       by Hank Smith

Old bad Bascomb come ridin’ into town

lookin’ for Wild Willie, gunfighter renown.

He pokes his head in the old saloon,

says, “Wild Willie. meet me at noon

for a shootout, if you do so dare—

the fastest gun’ll live, fair ‘n square!”

Outside, they was no birds flyin’

ceptin’ a buzzard lookin’ fer the dyin’.

Bad Bascomb drawed first,

but come up with air!

He said, “Whar’s mah six-shooter?

Ah knew it’us there!”

Willie sez, “Ah’m old but still fast.

Ah swiped your six-shooter when you went past.

“Now gunslingin’ in the West is come to an end,

so come on inside an’ have a drink with a friend.”

And the only shot that’us heerd that day

wuz a shot of Jack Daniels—up an’ away.


Featured in Henry Smith’s book, “Hunters, Lovers, Kings and Fools” available on Amazon.com.

To see Hank perform his poem “End of Gunfightin” click HERE

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