Whatchagonna do?

to make r nation betta
we gotta work togetha
if there isn’t any love
to everyone is push n shove?

fuk u and your beliefs
they’re not part of r debate
if u ‘gree with me
then u — I’ll tolerate

red state, blue state
r nation’s dire high stakes
constitution ought be read
determine if it’s ‘live or dead

histr’ys behind us
rewrite pernicious
don’t be a hypocrite
ahead is what we make it

Jesus, Jesus
what’s the greatest edict?

to all my children
LOVE your Lord with all your heart
your soul — your mind
that’s what the message does impart

Jesus, Jesus
what’s the next commandment?
LOVE your neighbor as yourself
that’s what’s demanded

what, what, what, what
whatchagonna do?
up 2 u
u, u, u, u

whatchagona do?

See Fritz read in rap time click Whatchagonna do?

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