Huge exposure for OLLI at the collaboration with the Pollak Library!

CSUF President, Mildred Garcia, pronounced “Great job” in a spot appearance. Clem Guthro, Dean of the Library, welcomed us at a noontime appearance and conversed with many of our authors later in the afternoon. Jie Tian, Librarian and coordinator for our event, was exhilarated by our presence and requested that we have repeat book signing next fall. UEE Dean, Kari Knutson Miller, (and newly appointed Provost for the university) also made a spot visit.

The event provided OLLI Authors and students the opportunity to interact and discuss their books. Our location was in the lobby across from the elevators and in the middle of the action as hundreds of students poured by between classes and studying. According to Dean Guthro, the library is open 24/7 during these two weeks of finals and there is never enough seating or computers available. Also, he encourages events as our book signing to promote the library and bring the university community together.

Fourteen OLLI authors participated in our book signing at the library on December 7th. Authors included: Ron Baesler, Lis Leyson, Ann Casas, Jack Wheatley, Barbara Unsworth, Shirley Jordan, Fritz von Coelln, John Blaydes, Jeanette Reese, Carmine Casucci, Rayleen Williams, Florine Miller, Hank Smith and Marty Cole.

Many of the authors published their books as a result of attending our Publish Before You Perish Class. A book signing event is being considered for this spring at RGC. If you can’t wait, go to Amazon, type in any of our author’s names and you may buy our books. We’ll autograph them for you.

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