Let’s Open Up

Bottom Line: If exercising outdoors, social distancing is likely the best method to stay healthy, though one may also need to wear a mask to keep from running afoul of the law says Richard Martinello, associate professor of infectious disease at Yale School of Medicine.  (Should You Wear a Mask When Exercising Outdoors?  BY JEN MURPHY WSJ, April 30).

The article continues: there is no compelling medical reason for people who are exercising outside and maintaining social distancing to wear a mask, says Henry Chambers, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of California, San Francisco. 

In my post, “Let Me Out, April 29,” I am urgently requesting that we allow businesses to open up so workers  have a livelyhood.  Those lucky enough to work at home can “live-out” this shut down. However, our Federal Government is unable and incapable of subsidizing the other two-thirds of our workers.  Every job is essential to the people that must work to eat, sleep, meet and repeat.  

If grocery stores, hardware stores, open air markets, contracting companies, pot stores and liquor stores can be open then most every business should be open.  Safety precautions must be implemented of course.  In California where all but a few counties have a low incidence of coronavirus, Stage 2 (low risk businesses) should be implemented immediately and Stage 3 should be considered for some businesses. It is a big state, too big for “one size fits all.”

We bicycle most every day, wearing masks when we go into shops or when social distancing is not practical.  

Let’s get people back to work wherever possible.  

Whoa! As I write George Skelton (Time to open all beaches, Los Angeles Times, April 30) states: Newsom could use some beach time.  It’s sad that he apparently intends to close all beaches instead. An accompaning photo of Newport Beach last Tuesday shows the “crowds” enjoying as Skelton states: Every Californian has an unalienable right to a day on the beach…is our birthright…it is a gift of our Creator….  Yeah, I know: Every right has limits.  We’ve got the right to free speech but should’t wade into the surf and yell “shark.”  And we shouldn’t be spreading germs to other sunbathers.

O C Register photo

Bottom Line: social distancing but forget about the masks on the beach.

So there, the gospel from the Los Angeles Times!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Open Up

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Also, everybody being shut in for so long is lowering their immunity levels because they’re not being exposed to outside germs. I hate the masks as well . . . they’re so dehumanizing and I’m not convinced they’re protecting anybody except if they wear the medical N95 masks. I’m ready to start protesting so people can get back to work ASAP.


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