Magnetic Moment

Attraction is magnetism yet to repel coexists diamagnetism. Spontaneous parallelism effects ferromagnetism. Oppositely becomes antiferromagnetism. Obviously.  Subjectively teeny superparamagnetism Is larger while metamagnetism leaps and electromagnetism consequently, remains Einstein’s theorism. Gravitoelectronmagnetism, a weighty subject, inevitably forced upon an organism in … Continue reading Magnetic Moment


It was a no parking, no waiting zone, in fact, the curb was painted red and the cop was reminding me “no stopping here” either.  Ticket book in hand, hungrily eying my Z4, he asked to look into my trunk so I popped the button and now he was fondling a deli sandwich, a Kaiser roll with ham and cheese and lettuce sticking out the side.  Actually, there were dozens and one had a green jalapeño chili stuck between the cellophane and the roll.  I like them hot! “Go ahead and take one..  take two, I’ve got plenty.”  Hooking one … Continue reading Kerfuffle!